Submarine 2.0 is a themed resto-bar conceptualized based on the experience related to a Submarine. A small storyline as a process was chosen as an approach for the design of the submarine. The storyline was based on an individual's experience with a submarine on land and underwater.

It constituted 4 segments. A person waiting on sands before boarding a submarine, the sea waves and movements of submarine as a person enters a submarine, the interior of the submarine which was more rustic with metal elements and the underwater experience a person endures during the time at the submarine. ...

Each of the four segments was framed and customized sub-themes were evolved for 4 zones which corresponded to 4 functional spaces. Waiting area corresponded to "Sands", the bar area was connected with "waves", semi-formal dining imbibed "submarine interior", and the casual dining represented "underwater". Each of these spaces were customized but synchronized at a larger scale.

The design incorporated a combination of lot of old materials used in an inventive way with the mix of new materials keeping in mind the features of the real submarine. The design also included industrial scrap metals in many places. Sea creatures was created using FRP and hung from ceiling and fishing nets were used as a basic layer for false ceiling. The maps were integrated with threads and small customized games were created for the high table. Although each zone was treated differently with a distinct ambiance; holistically, the design was harmonized within the overall theme. The spaces flow from one to the other in an unconfined manner and the users to their dynamic vista interacts with them and meanders through them with an unbridled mind.