The house M, located amidst the dense urban context of Chennai. The house is designed for a family of three and spans 4000 square feet. The building ensures that it reflects the traits of client's personality. This contemporary home is simple, straight-lined, and minimalist in its language. The spaces are designed with awareness to the sun path, site context and Vastu shastra....

This home strikes the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor space.
Volumetric double height connection at the dining space binds all spaces.
The north is heightened with a lily pond water body, the west fa├žade has a vertical garden that provides privacy and behaves like a curtain of green. At the south sits the Tulasi madam with a sit out, and at the eastern face the strip windows are designed so that it brings in light avoiding the views of the neighbouring site and guards the privacy of the house.

The access leads to a large open space with greenery and a water body adjacent to the house's main entrance door on one side and open lounge area with floating seater on the other.
The play of light, the openness and the raw architecture and spaces create a blend yet the simple and minimalistic play of material keep in line with the design brief.
The internal spaces are washed with sunlight and greenery peeping inn to the built space that become an integral part of the dining space. The integration of the spaces with Nature is the house's key feature, allowing the user to stay connected and get a breath of fresh air at all times.

The bay window by the living creates a live connection to the outside along with the mild texture wall as a backdrop for the lush green landscape as seen from the window.
The compound wall reads in line with the simplicity of the volume creating a singular horizontal niche that lights up at dusk.
The terrace garden at the north east part of the house with a cnc inspired from the foliage around us forms different patterns at different times of the day , making the sunlight decide the pattern every day.

A neutral contrast is created but blended with the space.
The entire house is tied with a homogenous marble finish, avoiding borders or pattern.
The dining has a herringbone patterned false ceiling which blends with the raw concrete finish staircase finished with wood.
The kitchen counters and walls are finished with the same finish making the space unified.
The colours and furniture of this home are subtle, capturing the client's nature and personality. The interior design is more intimate, cohesive by having simple, subtle colours and textures..