Hillock is a Residential school which is located at Sirumalai, dindigul.Hilly terrain in context, Sirumalai is a dense forest region with a moderate climate throughout the year.
The visitor lounge, creating a deep sense of interaction between students and parents.The level screated inside the building are designed to blends along witht he existing contours.The angular walls create interesting frame to the voids and the water body along the stone walls act as a design feature merging with the exterior surface and landscape.

Unlike most roof designs,the butterfly roof shape is relatively new which breaks the building dynamically.The gutter created by the inward sloping gables is often used as a method of harvestin grainwater,channelling it down from roof to the water body.The Ms Structure is extended from the building dynamic lly along the periphery which frames the entry of the visitors lounge. The contours are retained as per the site condition which blends along with the building.
Being a hilly region transporting material is a hard play. So the initial thought process of the project is toa void transportation and use locally available materials, considering that Randomrubble, brick and glass are used as a major design element. And the materials are chosen in such away that it gives a rustic look so that the building blends along the nature. The metal frames are used as a contrasting element for the whole structure. Steel construction is one of the faster construction methods.
So we focused mainly towards the locally available material around the site. A gabion is a cage, cylinder,or box filled with locally available rocks and concrete with in a metallic mesh, where as the Random rubble masonry acts as a major design feature which is been used for compound walland flooring. For the interior in built seater which is been made with cuddapah stones and exposed brick.
Corrugated metalsheet Is been used for the roofing, metalsheet roofing is extremely weather proof material which can with stand extreme weather conditions such as hailstorm, heat, snow, storms, and even hurricanes, as they are able to contract and relax with heat.